My Comic Book Reading List

If you're going to read my blog you should know what I'm into.  Below is a list of the comic books I read each month.  I considered doing a similar list of TV shows and movies that I'm into, but decided that it would take way too long to list everything, and the moment I logged off I'd realize I left something off.  I don't need the headache.  Needless to say, if it has super heroes, space ships, and/or time travel I probably watch it.



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Action Comics
Batman And The Outsiders
Detective Comics
The Flash
The Green Lantern
Justice League
Justice League Dark
Wonder Twins
Young Justice

Star Trek: The Q Conflict (MINI SERIES)
Star Trek: Year Five

Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America
Dead Man Logan (MINI SERIES)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Hulkverine (MINI SERIES)
The Punisher
Uncanny X-Men
War Of The Realms (MINI SERIES)
War Of The Realms: Punisher (MINI SERIES)
War Of The Realms: Scrolls (MINI SERIES)
War Of The Realms: Uncanny X-Men (MINI SERIES)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch (MINI SERIES)

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