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Season 2 Of Iron Fist Shows Marked Improvement, But...

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DC Universe is the name of DC's new streaming/online comics service.  For $7.99 a month, subscribers have unlimited access to the site's library of movies, shows, and online comic books.  From their PR, I was expecting a pretty extensive collection of materials.

They have a few movies and TV shows, granted.  Yet, even though last Saturday was, supposedly, "Batman Day," the site has no Adam West Batman, Adventures of Batman, or New Adventures of Batman.  While one can stream Legend of The Super Heroes, which was canceled after two episodes, we can't get the three season run of SHAZAM! 

Streaming material aside, the online comics are a mishmash of weird odds and ends (1 issue of 52, 3 issues of Crisis On Infinite Earths, etc...).  I'm going to stick around until they begin their original content, but season 3 of Young Justice  better be dang good or I'll be cutting my losses.

Season 2 Of Iron Fist Shows Marked Improvement, But...

Photo Courtesy of Amazon's Affiliate Program.
On Friday, September 7th, Netflix dropped the second season of Marvel's Iron Fist.  In fact, it was my pick in my last post.  Although I had been  bored by the first season of the series, tidbits of news made me cautiously optimistic about the second season.

In its debut season, I thought too much time was spent on board room intrigue instead of super hero action.  I also wasn't impressed with the fights, which just kinda slogged along.  As I said, I'd quit watching season one half way, and only went back to finish it once Marvel's Defenders referred back to the end of Iron Fist. 

This year I was somewhat more impressed by the show.  The action began right off the bat with crime-stopping martial arts.  Iron Fist's new showrunner, Raven Metzner (formerly of Sleepy Hollow), kept the focus of the episodes on the battle of good versus evil without distracting the audience with dull board room drama.

The series was further enhanced by the addition of Black Panther's Clayton Barber, who choreographed the second season's  fight scenes.  Barber succeeded in showcasing the characters' advanced martial arts skills with a series of fast paced exciting battles.

I've gone back and forth, with myself, about how much to say at this point.  At the eleventh hour I've decided not to include spoilers, because the season is so new.  However I will say, that the season takes a weird turn, half way along, which kinda spoiled it for me.  While it wasn't all that I'd hoped for, it WAS far better than the first season.

What do you think?  Leave your comments below.  

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