Saturday, 2 November 2019

Terminator's Back On Track


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John Constantine is an exorcist/paranormal P.I.. Think Harry Potter meets Phillip Marlowe. I’ve been getting a pretty good dose of him within the pages of Justice League Dark, but DC has given him his own title again as part of “The Sandman Universe.”

Personally, I’ve never thought of Hellblazer as being under Sandman’s umbrella. They’re both magic though, so eh… OK. I can see Constantine as a bridge between mainstream Superheroes and Neil Gaiman’s dark world of dreaming.

No matter which category it’s being published under, Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell have created a beautiful first issue. The art keeps dipping into the psychedelic, while the text tells the story of a hero battling inner demons as well as satanic demons.

Although I found the book to be worth the $4.99 ($4.24 with my Comixology discount) price, it’s NOT FOR KIDS! Our hero drops several F bombs and makes crude references to female anatomy. The crass language is true to the character it helps paint; I simply wouldn't let my nephews read it.

They’re Back!:

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In our top story, we take a look at Terminator 6: Dark Fate.

In 1984, audiences were introduced to a killer robot from the future, bent on preventing the birth of humanity’s greatest military leader, John Connor. Seven years later, a duplicate of the first movie’s villain played the role of hero trying to protect a teenage version of John from a more sophisticated Terminator.

Following the success of these two blockbusters, audiences were subjected to the sleepers; Rise of The Machines, Salvation, and Genisys. While fans wanted to like these three offerings, they just didn't capture the magical excitement of the first two films. I won’t say why, incase you haven't seen it, but the end of 2015’s Genisys left a bad taste in my mouth.

Yet, when I heard Linda Hamilton would be reprising her role as Sarah Connor, I decided to catch Terminator: Dark Fate on opening day. I’m glad I did.

Hamilton and Schwarzenegger may be 35 years older than when they began this joyride, but they can still play ass kickers with the best of them. Although the action was top notch, what made Dark Fate great was the script.

James Cameron, and his writing staff, fixed the timeline so that the last three movies never happened. Now, one can watch the first two films and this one, and get “the whole story,” without having to sit through the three weak chapters.

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