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Disney Plus Is Worth A Look


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Long time Marvel readers will remember the 2099 line of comics from the mid-90s. It was a chance for Marvel’s writers to reimagine popular superheroes one-hundred years in the future.

This fall the company is revisiting these characters with a series of one-shots loosely tied together by a “time’s being rewritten” story. The series comes in “Parts” and “Tie-Ins.” The main story's parts, beginning with the Amazing Spider-Man series and the “2099 Alpha” one-shot, tell the time travel/alteration saga, while the Tie-Ins offer glimpses into the futuristic world in question.

I’ve posted the reading order below. Honestly though, I’m only going to collect the main story a few Tie-Ins featuring the namesakes of characters I already read.

"Marvel 2099" Reading Order

Amazing Spider-Man #32 (Prelude)
Available October 23rd.
Amazing Spider-Man #33 (Prelude)
Available November 6th.
2099 Alpha #1 (Part 1)
Available November 20th.
Fantastic Four: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available November 20th.
Amazing Spider-Man #34 (Part 2)
Available November 20th.
Conan: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available November 27th.
Punisher: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available November 27th.
Ghost Rider: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available December 4th.
Amazing Spider-Man #35 (Part 3)
Available December 4th.
Venom: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available December 4th.
Doom: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available December 11th.
Spider-Man: 2099 #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Available December 11th.
2099 Omega #1 (Part 4)
Available December 18th.

Disney Plus Is Worth A Look:

Photo Courtesy of Amazon's Affiliate Program.
Classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic are the divisions which comprise the internet’s hottest new entertainment site. My main blog is on Disney Plus, which went live on November 12th, 2019.

Being a self-professed nerd, I plopped down my $6.99 a month (or $69 per year) for access to the Star Wars and Marvel content.

The Star Wars section has everything a Padawan Jedi could want. Viewers can watch every Star Wars movie and almost every cartoon series, except for the “Droids” and “Ewoks” series of the 1980s. Also included are an array of shorts (mostly Legos based), specials, and, of course, “The Mandalorian,” the section’s first original series.

The Marvel section features every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and a respectable number of series, specials, and cartoons. Notably absent are the Spider-Man movies, which are owned by Sony, and the X-Men films, which have been owned by FOX until recently. Also absent are the Incredible Hulk series starring Bill Bixby and the Spider-Man series starring Nicholas Hammond. While several original series are in the works, the first offering, a live action series centered around Loki, isn’t slated to premiere until 2021.

While I have no interest in Pixar or National Geographic, I have spent some time exploring the Disney section. It has selections ranging from Mickey Mouse to the Simpsons; from Herbie the Love Bug to Indiana Jones. I even found a few gems, from my childhood at the drive-in movies, to add to my watchlist. still has some rough edges to smooth out, especially in regard to its Marvel section. Nevertheless, there's enough streaming content to make the site worth checking out.

Site’s Greatest Strength: The Mandalorian series

Site's Greatest Weakness: Gaps in Marvel’s content

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