Monday, 10 December 2018


Editor's Note:
Hey there readers, my Star Trek piece will require a bit more work.  In the meantime, find out how SHAZAM #1 became a gripe, instead of a pick.

Spotlight Pick  Gripe:
Last week DC fans were able to pick up the first issue of SHAZAM! to be published in twenty years. The title is, undoubtedly, being revived now in order to energize a fanbase for the April 5, 2019 movie release.

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I REALLY wanted to like this #1, I did.  I grew up with the character, and was anxious to read his comic book again.  Boy, did I waste $4.99.

OK, I had resigned myself to the fact that they could no longer call the character Captain Marvel, even though he was using the name long before Marvel Comics' Carol Danvers ever met the Kree.  Still, I'd begrudgingly accepted the fact going in.

The name was the least of this book's problems.  My main gripe is the fact that there was no action in the story.  Yes, there was a run-of-the-mill hold up, but with 6 Marvels/SHAZAMS to answer the call, there was no fight or tension to speak of.  If I'm going to pay $5 for a comic book, I want to see some high-powered action damn it!

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