Monday, 14 January 2019

The Punisher Returns


I haven't posted here for a while, partly because of a busy holiday, and partly because it's been hard to care about writing about nerdcentric pop culture when our country is self-destructing.  Yet, it could be argued that diversion, via comics & scifi, may be the only thing keeping some of us sane.

I'm still polishing my piece on fan-made Star Trek productions, but I wanted to get this spotlight up ASAP.  I think I'm going to post a "Spotlight" each week, whether, or not, I have a main feature ready.


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This Friday, 01/18/2019, Netflix will be dropping season 2 of Marvel's Punisher.  Being a long time fan of the character, I devoured season 2 of Dare Devil (where Jon Bernthal debuted as The Punisher) and season 1 of Punisher.

While I liked Bernthal's portrayal of the psychotic brooding hero, Frank Castle, season 1 wasn't without its problems.  It's not a spoiler to reveal that the story involves Frank befriending a single parent family.  Seeing Frank visit a family in the burbs didn't feel like the Punisher to me.  Frank works best in either an urban downtown, or jungle combat, setting.  If he'd watched out for a poor, but honest, single parent family in Hell's Kitchen it might have been a better fit.

Nevertheless, the writing & urban combat action scenes were good enough to make me look forward to season 2 this week.  Plus, like I told my friend, Kyle, Jigsaw looks awesome in the trailer!  It looks like they're making him a hands-on criminal thug instead of a mob boss.  Can't wait!

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